The ABC's of Dementia Care Certificate

Course Objectives

  • Name the three most common dementias.
  • Describe two functions of each lobe of the brain.
  • Discuss the cognitive and functional changes caused by dementia.
  • Name three environmental factors which can cause disruptive reactions.
  • Name four non-pharmacological interventions for reactions and “behaviors”.
  • Identify three components necessary for quality of life.
  • Name five symptoms of depression.
  • Name three effects of depression on cognitive and functional abilities of an older adult.
  • State three treatments for depression in the elderly.

Course Description

Caring for persons with dementia is a long and difficult journey for family and professional caregivers. This course provides insight of how dementia changes the person's cognitive and functional abilities. This information will enable the caregiver to improve quality of life by reducing stress and accomplishing care with less struggle.

Course Price: $265
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Contact Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. for three days (18 contact hours, 18-Res Care Hours)